Four Best Practices to Follow when Running Ad Campaigns on Facebook

If you own an online business, you will want to use Facebook for marketing because it’s the biggest social platform. With its billions of active users, your prospects might be hanging out on Facebook. Advertising on Facebook continues to grow and doesn’t show a sign of stopping. The platform can help in getting the most out of your advertising budget as long as you constantly tweak your campaign to improve it. Also, you must follow the best practices below:

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Be Clear on your Target

When running a campaign on Facebookthroughdigital marketing services in singapore, you want to reach out only the users who will be interested in your product or service. You must connect to users who are curious about how your product can help them and those who want to learn more about your kind of content. To make targeting work, you need to understand the kind of social platforms your target audience uses, the languages they usually use, the kind of communication they rely on, and their preferred content.

Produce Quality Copy

Facebook is visual so it’s important to use the right images in Facebook ads. However, a good image is nothing if it doesn’t come with a good copy. Relevant and enticing copywriting will make an impact by helping you get more clicks to your website and giving direction to users. The best Facebook ad copy must persuade, excite, and entertain users. Just ensure the copy matches the visual and includes a clear call-to-action.

Take Advantage of Video Ads

A big number of Facebook users consume many video content on Facebook regularly. Thus, adding video to your Facebook advertising mix will give you opportunities to make money. You can effectively leverage Facebook video-based ads by using text with your videos and catching people’s attention with a strong start. Keep in mind also that videos that look staged with bad acting do not appeal to audiences. Thus, you need to focus on making your videos ads as more human and approachable.

Keep Track of your Ad Performance

Before, advertising includes plenty of guesswork and there was no way to gauge audience response. But, today, you already have more control over your ad campaign’s performance. It’s just important to understand how your ad is doing and improve each ad for better performance. The social media giant makes ad monitoring easy and you must use it to see if your target audience is connecting with ads.

Five Rules of Website Design for a Successful Web Development

Creating a website is important to any business that wants to build an online presence. But, you don’t just build any site. There are important to keep in mind to make sure you end up with a site that serves its purpose. Every site must follow some universal rules of web design. This will ensure visitors will visit a site, stay there, and hopefully make a purchase. When building a site, keep the following rules in mind:

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Easy-to-Read Content

An effective website has content that people can easily read and comprehend. For this, you need to pick the text and background carefully. The background and colour must not obscure the text. Avoid setting the text size too small or too big. Remember that having the text all capitalised will make your readers think you are shouting at them.

Easy-to-Navigate Site

The ease of navigation is vital to ensuring your visitors will stay on your site. This means letting them visit one page to another without making extra searches to find the pieces of information they need. All hyperlinks must be clear to visitors. Graphic images like tabs or buttons must be labelled and easy to read. Providers of web design services will pick colours, backgrounds, special effects, and textures on your graphics carefully. For ease of navigation, you need to keep links in text visible.

Consistent Site Design

Every website page must be similar and tells users they are still on the website. You can reach consistency by using the same colours, font size, spacing, images, logo, and headings. Consistency will demonstrate professionalism, standard, and accuracy.

Obvious Calls to Action

A call to action tells your visitors what to do to buy while they are at your site. You can tell them to buy, learn more, or schedule a consultation whatever is applicable to your business. It serves as your selling point that will drive customer engagement.

Clear Contact Information

One of the main reasons people come to your site is to contact your company. Keep in mind that visitors will only try to reach out to you within just seconds so make your contact information as accessible and visible as possible. You will need information such as phone number, business address, and email address. Also, include a contact form for users to fill out and submit queries. Having this information on that page will give visitors maximum choices in terms of how to contact you.

Five Reasons your Business should Consider Digital Marketing

Digital marketing takes traditional marketing activities into the digital space. It encompasses a range of elements and skills. Just like traditional marketing, it is about getting the right message to the right people at the right time. Digital marketers take their time understanding the audience and catering their needs. They have to stay up-to-date on trends and use communication methods to connect with the audience. No matter the size of your business, here’s why you will need digital marketing:

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Gain Exposure

Digital marketing is the best way to let the world know about the existence of your business. It makes use of different strategies to ensure internet users find your site and get the opportunity to explore your offers. With the right marketing strategy, you will be able to convert site visitors into buying customers. Digital marketing involves providing your audience with the right content for them to read and get information from. Producing more content gives you more exposure.

Create Strategic Goals

Working with a reputable digital media agency gives you access to professionals who have the knowledge, experience, and skills to help you craft clear strategic goals for what you wish to achieve online. With the right goals, digital marketers can easily implement strategies that can help you reach those goals.

Digital Marketing is a Cost-Effective Advertising Method

Digital marketing lets you pay for actual conversions and people clicking on your advertisements. Meanwhile, with traditional marketing, you have to pay for limited physical space without the guarantee that your target audience will pick up the papers to read your ads. Aside from being cheaper, digital marketing is a more effective advertising method.

Many of your Customers are Online

These days, your customers and potential customers might already be online. This means that they might be looking for a business like yours; however, if they could not find you easily, they may pick another company. People today expect businesses to have a site and a social media presence. They are likely to check out reviews to learn what other people are saying about your organisation and whether you are worth their money.

Get Ahead of your Competitors

The majority of businesses have traded conventional marketing methods and are concentrating on Google Adwords, social media, and search engine optimisation. With a lot of competitors out there, marketing your small business and getting ahead of the competition is not easy. Digital marketing lets you tap into strategies that will help you stand out in the crowd. With such strategies, you will be able to keep track of what’s for you as well as your current and possible customers’ engagement.